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Karen Akunowicz’s Bietola (Swiss Chard) and Burrata Recipe

The “Best Chef” in the Northeast in 2018, according to the James Beard Awards, was Karen Akunowicz — chef-owner of Fox & the Knife and former chef-partner at Myers+Chang, both in Boston. You may recognize her as a fan favorite on  Top Chef and co-author  of Myers+Chang at Home. In her inaugural class at De Gustibus, she showcased the Italian-inspired fare that she picked up earlier in her career living in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.  The full recipe for her Bietola and Burrata is below. Ingredients ½  cup walnuts  ½  cup shallot scraps  3 cloves garlic  1 Tbsp. Calabrian chiles  1 Tbsp. walnut oil  ¼ cup sherry vinegar  1/8 cup balsamic  1 cup canola oil  1 Tbsp. marjoram, chopped ...

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