Jonathan Haffmans - Industry Kitchen

Jonathan Haffmans - Industry Kitchen

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WHO: Jonathan Haffmans is the executive chef at Industry Kitchen.

ABOUT: Born and raised in the Netherlands, Haffmans has over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry, most recently in Cape Cod, Massachusetts at Ocean House Restaurant. In 2013, he opened his own restaurant, “Vers,” which was heralded as one of the best restaurants in Cape Cod and Island by Boston magazine. At Industry Kitchen, Haffman's menu focuses on simple and seasonal modern American cuisine, including wood-oven grilled dishes.

WHAT: Join us for an ultra-luxurious meal as Haffmans focuses on lobster-forward dishes featuring seafood from specialty purveyors Val’s Ocean Pacific. You'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about cooking Maine lobster, and Haffmans will demo and discuss how to make other creative lobster-leaning dishes.

WHEN: Thursday, October 26, 6:00 PM

WHERE: De Gustibus Cooking School