Calvisius Original Gift Set

Calvisius Original Gift Set

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Did you know that the Original Tin is the beating heart of caviar production?

It allows for proper curing and setting of the precious roe, which develops its own flavor and organoleptic profile when aged in the tin, where the patient work of time and craftsmanship complete what nature started.

During the maturation time, Original tins, like the best Champagnes and vintage Franciacorta wines, are cyclically turned using the remuage technique, also known as riddling, to refine the caviar’s flavors and reach the delightfully balanced and elegant notes of Calvisius Caviar.

The new “Calvisius Original Tin” set is the perfect gift idea.

It includes caviar, a tin opener and two mother of pearl spoons.

Available with 125 gr of Tradition Prestige or Tradition Elite.