Mina Newman - Sen Sakana

Mina Newman - Sen Sakana

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WHO: Mina Newman is the executive chef at Sen Sakana (kosher Nikkei cuisine).

ABOUT: Newman got her start at Drew Nieporent's Layla, was a "Chopped" winner on the Food Network, and has been recognized by Zagat as one of the “15 Badass Female Chefs and Restaurateurs You Need to Know Around the U.S.” At Sen Sakana, she serves kosher Nikkei cuisine expressing the diversity of flavors from both Peru and Japan. The restaurant is certified as Kosher LaMehadrin, Pas Yisroel, Bishul Yisroel and Glatt Kosher.

WHAT: We invite you to explore the culinary romance of Japan and Peru. Nikkei is an intense intercultural exchange, expressing the diversity of flavors born from the union of both of these age-old civilizations. The name Sen Sakana – Japanese for “one thousand fish” – refers to the 1,000 different species that are said to swim in the waters off Peru. Opened initially as a non-kosher establishment in 2017, Sen Sakana quickly gained recognition as the best Nikkei restaurant in New York. When the pandemic forced Sen Sakana to close for most of 2020, restaurateur Allan Wartski saw this as an opportunity to reopen as a fully-certified glatt kosher restaurant. Since then, Sen Sakana has become an instant success with locals and tourists alike, serving delicious kosher Nikkei cuisine in an elegant midtown setting.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 7, 6:00PM EST
WHERE: De Gustibus Cooking School