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Cooking at De Gustibus: Celebrating 25 Years of Culinary Innovation

by Arlene Feltman Sailhac

For the past quarter-century the De Gustibus Cooking School at Macy's has had a unique view of the culinary revolution as it swept across America, transforming chefs into celebrities and introducing new dishes onto American menus and new foods into American homes. In De Gustibus at Macy's: Celebrating 25 Years of Culinary Innovation, founder Arlene Feltman Sailhac provides a unique pop-culture history of the American food scene since 1980, with a yearbook of superstar chefs and 100 seminal recipes that have been featured at her renowned culinary venue. 

Organized chronologically, the book features brief essays that cover the explosive changes in the American culinary landscape over the last 25 years, along with colorful sidebars and archival photographs that capture the highlights of this history. Beautiful new photographs illustrate many of the recipes, which represent not only the most innovative dishes of the period but also the most timeless. An entertaining and appetizing trip down memory lane, Cooking at De Gustibus is a nostalgic look at how we were and how we ate.