Michael Gulotta - Maypop

Michael Gulotta - Maypop

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WHEN: Wednesday, November 2, 6:00 PM EST

WHO: Michael Gulotta is chef-partner at MoPho and Maypop in New Orleans and will be introducing a new Italian restaurant, Tana, in early 2023.

 ABOUT: After leading the revered restaurant August in New Orleans for several years, Gulotta opened his own place, MoPho (in 2014), which was on the list of "Best New Restaurants" at Bon Appétit and "Restaurant of the Year" in New Orleans magazine. He launched a second spot, MapPop (2016), and won more awards including "Best New Chef" from Food & Wine.

WHAT: Gulotta will demonstrate some of the dishes that will be on the menu at Tana — a mix of his training in Liguria, Italy and being raised in a New Orleans Sicilian family (a few MoPho and Maypop flavors may find their way into the dishes, too).