Fernando Scarpati - Ferdi

Fernando Scarpati - Ferdi

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WHO: Fernando Scarpati is the executive chef at Ferdi.

ABOUT: Scarpati grew to love cooking while working at the Italian restaurants run by his father, Joseph. Since the age of 12, he’s been enthralled with learning old-world recipes. In Italy, he worked at Pallazzo Petrucci (a Michelin-starred restaurant in Naples), A Casa di Assunta (in Lazio), and Mondragone pastry shop (in Campania). In the US, he honed his chops at Marea, and cooked for Martha Stewart, Michael Bolton, and Frank Gifford. At Ferdi, his first NYC restaurant, his goal is to offer delicious, authentic Italian cuisine.  

WHAT:  Join us as we learn about authentic Italian cooking from Ferdi Executive Chef Fernando Scarpati, who will be demonstrating Southern Neapolitan cuisine and answering all your questions about Italian recipes and techniques.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 19, 6:00 - 8:00 PM EST

WHERE: De Gustibus Cooking School