Jappy Afzelius


Chef Demonstration

Wednesday, November 13
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM


Jappy Afzelius, who’s cooked in the kitchens of Alain Ducasse and David Burke, will lead us on a tour of cuisine-of-the-moment-Filipino, sharing recipes from the menu he developed at Tsismis, a new restaurant on the Lower East Side. Expect to taste dishes with Spanish, Mediterranean and Asian influences.


  • Amuse Bouche: Tinapa Croquetas (cilantro and smoked fish fritter)
  • First Course: Kale Laing (kale stewed in coconut milk with shrimp paste and smoked fish)
  • Second Course: Torta Talong (smoked eggplant frittata)
  • Main Course: Adobong Manok (Chicken Adobo)
  • Dessert: Maja Blanca (Coconut & Sweet Corn Custard)

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