The Food of Sichuan

Fuchsia Dunlop

Cookbook Author

Chef Demonstration

Wednesday, October 23
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM


Fuchsia Dunlop has been an authority on Chinese cuisine for decades; you’ve read her stuff in The New Yorker, Gourmet, Saveur or in one of her award-winning cookbooks (Every Grain of Rice, Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper, among others). In this class, she’ll be featuring bold, piquant dishes from her brand new book, Food of Sichuan. It’s an opportunity to taste authentic dishes that can be easily adapted for home cooking.



Zhong Dumplings 


Blanched Spinach in Sour-Hot Sauce


Gong Bao chicken 


Fish-Fragrant Eggplants


Mapo Tofu with rice