Jappy Afzelius’s Chicken Adobo AKA Adobong Manok Recipe (Filipino Cuisine)

Filipino food has been on a hot streak for a few years now. Maybe you read Sam Sifton’s piece in the Times? Here at De Gustibus, we were fortunate enough to get one of the great New York experts on Filipino food — Jappy Afzelius (who’s cooked in the kitchens of Alain Ducasse and David Burke) — to share the menu he developed at Tsismis, a restaurant on the Lower East Side.

We tasted several dishes with Spanish, Mediterranean and Asian influences. Below are photos from the entire, class as well as the complete chicken adobo (“adobong manok”) recipe. Bon appetit!

Adobo Sauce: (Yields about 3 qt)

Turmeric Slurry


In a medium pot, place all the ingredients for the adobe sauce, except the turmeric slurry. Simmer for 30 minutes, then add the turmeric slurry.  

Once the sauce is done, strain the sauce to remove lemongrass and bay leaves.  Then reserve the sauce.

Per Serving

On a plate, place the roasted chicken and pour the sauce over it.  Serve with a cup of rice and wok fired leafy vegetables of choice.

Recipe Demonstrated at De Gustibus Cooking School on Wednesday November 13, 2019. Complete menu below.

Chef Jappy Afzelius’s Menu

Tinapa Croquetas (cilantro and smoked fish fritter)

Kale Laing (kale stewed in coconut milk with shrimp paste and smoked fish)

Torta Talong (smoked eggplant frittata)

Adobong Manok (chicken adobo)

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