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Lever House Cookbook

by Dan Silverman

From the unveiling of the innovative Lever House building to the sublimely fresh, modern dishes at the restaurant today, this luxurious cookbook celebrates the food, the architecture, and the design history of a New York landmark.

When the Lever House building first opened its doors in 1952, prominent architecture critic Lewis Mumford called it “the eighth wonder of the world.” New Yorkers flocked to the site to get a glimpse of the city’s first all-glass skyscraper, a bottle-green gem that looked startlingly modern on Park Avenue. Fifty years later, Lever House is still creating a sensation. When John McDonald and Josh Pickard opened the Lever House Restaurant in 2003, it became an instant classic with the power-lunching celebrity set. Acclaimed chef Dan Silverman’s spectacular menu and designer Marc Newson’s incomparable decor won immediate attention from The New Yorker, the New York Times, and the city’s hippest residents.

Now, this cookbook captures the essence of Lever House. Opening with a chronicle of its history by Vanity Fair writer Matt Tyrnauer, The Lever House Cookbook offers an unprecedented look into the innovative design and the designers of the building and restaurant. Dan Silverman believes that fresh, sophisticated cuisine needn’t be overly complicated, and all of the more than 125 recipes here prove that the perfect combination of ingredients results in bold new flavors. Hamachi with Soy-Sherry Reduction offers a beautiful balance of salty and sweet, while a splash of Citrus Vinaigrette brightens a rich, buttery Alaskan Black Cod. Risotto al Barolo sings when studded with caramelized butternut squash, and the recipe for Grilled Lamb Chops redefines the hefty, juicy meal. Familiar tastes such as caramel and cinnamon reach new heights in Lever House’s signature desserts, like Apple Cheesecake Crisp.

With vivid photographs of the dishes and modern and archival images of the venue, The Lever House Cookbook is a timeless monument to New York style.