Our Partners

De Gustibus Cooking School by Miele would like to thank our partners for their continued support.


Miele is a German manufacturer of high quality domestic appliances and machines for commercial applications. The company was founded more than 108 years ago in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann and has always been a family-owned, family-run company.

Miele aims to manufacture the highest-quality domestic appliances and commercial equipment in the world and to be seen by markets worldwide as providing an absolutely top-class household product. In the words of our founding fathers, Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, "Success is only possible in the long term if one is totally and utterly convinced of the quality of one's products." Therefore, continuous innovation is the foundation of our business success.

The customer, for whom we provide first-class products and services, is at the center of attention. Thanks to this company philosophy which focuses on the dynamic development of quality and technology, the Miele brand is now identified with unsurpassed product quality.


Poggenpohl is the world’s leading luxury kitchen cabinet brand with 35 kitchen design showrooms across the United States. Poggenpohl presents the latest trends in European kitchen design in contemporary and classic styles, including creative solutions for maximizing space and ergonomically-designed kitchens. Poggenpohl offers over 70 cabinet fronts in a variety of finishes, such as: wood veneers, laminates, lacquers, acrylics, glass, metals and custom RAL colors. Established in 1892, Poggenpohl manufactures custom made cabinetry in its factory in Herford, Germany. The product line is available globally in 70 countries.

Vias Imports

Vias Imports Ltd., established in 1983, is the leading importer of Italian fine wines in the US market. Throughout the company’s history, Vias has discovered and brought to the US high quality, unknown but distinctive Italian wines that have become staples on wine lists and retail shelves throughout the US, including Produttori del Barbaresco and Damilano. Vias’s Italian portfolio is one of the richest and most complete in the industry, representing the finest wineries from all over Italy. Vias is the leader in discovering and importing fine Italian wines and unknown producers to the US as well as educating America’s wine trade about these great wines with innovative educational programs.

Vias Imports is renowned for its long-standing partnerships with wineries of differing sizes throughout Italy and is proud to craft strong relationships. In addition to Italy, our portfolio includes wines from Argentina, Austria, France, Lebanon, Spain, and the United States.


S.Pellegrino’s sources have been monitored through geological and hydrological studies that analyze each phase of the water’s journey. The water flows from the snow and rain of the high Dolomite Mountains (1200-1300 meter ASL) and takes around 30 years to arrive at the foothills of the mountains (350 meters ASL), where it is sourced.

S.Pellegrino goes through a 30-year journey inside the earth that mineralizes the weater through contact with underground rocks. In the process, it becomes natureally enriched with mineral salts, calcium and magnesium. And with our special addition of carbon dioxide, S.Pellegrino water acquires its bubblles and signature “perlage.” The added CO2 provides the acidity and slightly bitter note. All of this gives S.Pellegrino its unmistakable taste, making it famous throughout the world.

Acqua Panna

Acqua Panna has come a long way in terms of quality of its production facilities. Today the plant is one of the most technologically advanced bottling plant in Europe producing water that has a natural ph balance of 8.0.

The first Acqua Panna was manually bottled in the 1860s from a plant built in one of The Medici's farm buildings. Sold in demijohns or fiaschi, straw-covered glass flask now used for Chianti wine, the water was delivered by horse and cart to Florence. In 1927, after War World I, the water was bottled in glass on an industrial scale.

Acqua Panna production facility stretches over a surface area of about 20,000 m2, perfectly blending into the natural environment.

At the very heart of Tuscany, a land of timeless and uncontaminated beauty, Acqua Panna flows pure, limpid and fresh from natural spring unveiling all its uniqueness and its fine taste. Since the Renaissance, to be inspired and experience the Tuscan way of life means to perpetuate an ideal of simplicity, elegance and balance in arts and culture, but also at the table.

NY Wines

NY Drinks NY celebrates New York wine through the year with educational and tasting opportunities and is organized by the New York Wine & Grape Foundation.

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation promoting all wineries and grape-growers in New York State.  The Foundation's strategic goal is to have the New York grape and wine industry recognized as a world leader in quality, productivity, and social responsibility.  New York ranks third in wine producation nation wide and the wine industry contributes $4.8 billion annually to the state's economy.



Bergamo (Italy), Via Fantoni, 1907. The sign reads: "Fabbrica di Alluminio Baldassare Agnelli".

It is here that the history of our company begins. The beginnings were not so easy. Just think, aluminum plants required systems that no workshop had thought about constructing.

One had to think about which objects to make then study the machines to make them.

Aluminum was a metal created with modern times... WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED


Japanese Knives and Tableware that Compliment Every Culture's Cuisine

We at KORIN are proud of our Japanese culture and traditions, but we want you to know that our products are not just for Japanese restaurants. Our knives and tableware bring out the best qualities of food from every culture and fit into every restaurant - from French to Pan-Asian to American, and that is why we are located in New York City - where people from every country in the world come to eat!

KORIN'S unique store in lower Manhattan is home to perhaps the most extensive collection of Japanese chef knives in the world - including Japan - plus the rarest natural sharpening stones and exquisitely designed tableware. We also host special events, such as knife sharpening demonstrations and parties with New York's most famous chefs and restaurateurs.

KORIN is dedicated to this ideal: bringing the implicit and elegance of Japanese culture to your table - be it in your home or in the finest restaurant.

Starbucks Reserve

Our Rarest Coffees, Small-Batch Roasted In Seattle

Our constant travels take us around the world in search of rare and distinctive coffees. We love sharing these discoveries with you. Each of our Starbucks Reserve® coffees was brought to life at our Starbucks Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle.

Chef Works

Chef Works is not your normal, run of the mill, routine uniform manufacturer. With beginnings that date back to the 1960’s, we’ve been an industry leader in the design, development and the management of uniforms and culinary apparel programs world-wide. Our mission is to provide new, innovative, high-quality products at competitive prices along with the tools needed to manage any uniform program; no matter the size. Committed to consistently delivering quality, service, value, and style to all customers and partners, we strive to be your go-to global uniform provider for Front of House and Back of House apparel. We are proud to be partnered with DeGustibus Cooking School!


BODUM® - visionary innovation for more than 70 years

BODUM’s history dates back to 1944, when Peter Bodum launched the company in Copenhagen, Denmark. Renowned for its iconic French Press coffeemaker and signature Scandinavian design aesthetic, BODUM has grown into a global housewares brand, with distribution in more than 55 countries. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company continues to develop all products in-house under its core principle that good design should be both functional and affordable. The range of products extends from coffee, tea and glassware to kitchen electrics and gadgets. A family-owned company, the brand is directed today by the founder’s son, Jørgen Bodum.

Food & Wine

FOOD & WINE has always gone way beyond mere eating and drinking. We’re on a mission to find the most exciting places, new experiences, emerging trends and sensations. Because we know that our readers are always hungry for more than just a great meal. From travel and entertaining to luxury and design, we bring an energetic and stylish take on living well—covering the many areas of our readers’ lives that intersect with their love of food and wine.

Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure is a travel magazine based in New York City, New York. Published 12 times a year, it has over 4.8 million readers. With an eye for the authentic, innovative, and irresistible, Travel + Leisure propels its readers to travel now, travel smarter, and travel often. The site fuses expert reporting on news, trends, food, and culture with opinionated destination guides and interactive functionality. The result: an end-to-end travel experience featuring inspiration, advice, and the tools to turn dreams into reality.

Real Simple

Real Simple is the everyday essential For today’s time-pressured woman, the guide she can trust to make her life a little easier in a world that’s more complicated by the minute. With smart strategies, genius shortcuts, and shoppable solutions, we help her simplify, streamline, and beautifully edit her life, armed with calm, confidence—and the power of the right lipstick.


InStyle celebrates the private side of public faces, revealing the personal style choices of the world's most fascinating people. An insider's guide to trends in beauty, fashion, home entertaining and charities, InStyle is a trusted source for inspiration and ideas.

Langdon Florist

Langdon Florist is located in the heart of the Downtown Manhattan area right across the street from City Hall, in walking distance from the World Financial Center and minutes from Tribecca and Soho. Conveniently located near the Financial District, restaurants, South Street Seaport and Fashion District we have been servicing our customers for over 60 years. We create our exclusive arrangements on premises and provide personal delivery within Manhattan and the outer boroughs. Our consultants will be happy to provide you personalized attention, offering ideas and working with your ideas and within your budget.

Robinson’s Prime Reserve

Robinson’s Prime Reserve, owned and operated by the Robinson family in Louisville, Kentucky, is the preeminent purveyor of Beef, Bison, Poultry, Pork, Lamb, Veal & Seafood in the US. The Robinson family's experience in the food industry began nearly a century ago, with a small general store in the rolling farmland of Kentucky, and has blossomed into one of the leading purveyors of gourmet meats to world-renowned chefs and award-winning restaurants and hotels. The family sources its products from the country and the world’s best producers. The family’s world famous Beef is sourced by its rich marbling and then aged to the family’s specifications, before being hand-selected and hand-carved for each order. A standard for high quality meats, the Robinson's products have been served on the plates of seven U.S. presidents, been used in the homes of royalty, dignitaries and celebrities, and produced countless unforgettable dining experiences.

Robinson's Prime Reserve products have been the culinary centerpiece at highly acclaimed events such as the Nobel Peace Prize banquet at the Grand Hotel in Oslo, Esquire House in Los Angeles & New York, Julia Child's 100th Birthday Celebration at the French Consulate in New York and the fabled Berluti Swan Club.

Robinson’s Prime Reserve has garnered press from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine, Esquire, DailyCandy, UrbanDaddy​, Thrillist and many others.


The three Prandelli brothers, Bortolo, Francesco and Giovanbattista, built the first factory in 1901, directly beside the river in Lumezzane, Italy. This allowed them to run machinery by use of a water mill. They worked metals as subcontractors and as primary manufacturers during the 30’s and World War II. After the war, it was necessary to reconvert their production and the three sons of Giovanbattista founded Mepra in 1947.

Mepra stands for “Metallurgica Prandelli” and its founders were the three brothers Pietro, Felice and Giacomo. They built a new and modernized plant in the upper side of the valley to produce aluminum and brass flatware. These raw materials were available in great quantities after the war. Each of the three brothers was responsible for a different function: Giacomo for the production, Felice for the sales, and Pietro, who was previously a school teacher, for accounting. In 1950 the Prandelli brothers decided to convert the production to 18/10 stainless steel. This move was highly successful. In the following twenty years, the company grew continuously and extended the range to include holloware and kitchenware. Later, Mepra also begun producing silverplated flatware and holloware.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset, which translates to "the crucible” in French, began creating cast iron cookware in 1925 in northern France. Le Creuset cast iron is still produced in the same foundry, with individual sand molds and hand inspections for each and every piece.

People who love cooking fine meals for family and friends appreciate this tradition of quality.

The story of Le Creuset is one of a superior product idea — enameled cast iron cookware — improved over time through innovations in technology, design and manufacturing. Over the years, this standard of quality has been directed toward a new range of kitchen products, like stainless steel cookware, forged hard-anodized nonstick cookware and stoneware dinnerware.

What began in 1925 as a collaboration between a casting specialist and enameling expert continues today as a joyful tradition for professional and amateur chefs in kitchens around the globe.


Mission OXO is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier.

Design Philosophy OXO was founded in 1990 on the philosophy of Universal Design, which means the design of products usable by as many people as possible. For OXO, that means designing products for young and old, male and female, lefties and righties and many with special needs. The goal of making products more usable forces us to first identify problems and inefficiencies of existing products (including our own!), not only in terms of comfort, but performance as well. This gives us the foundation to meet our commitment of making products that make a tangible improvement in peoples' daily lives.


Cheese Grotto


Drawing from both ancient cheese wisdom and contemporary technology, the Cheese Grotto allows you to create an optimal cheese storage climate right in your own kitchen. The Grotto is designed to be enjoyable to use, beautiful to look at, and durable enough to last a lifetime. Handmade in Richmond, Virginia, our products are thoughtfully designed utilizing sustainable, natural materials.  As such, slight variations in the material are intentional, making each Grotto unique.​
For further information on these one-of-a-kind humidors, please visit cheesegrotto.com




Baldor Specialty Foods is one of the largest importers and distributors of fresh produce and specialty foods in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Beginning as Balducci’s fruit stand in Greenwich Village in 1946, Baldor maintains its original promise – curate and deliver the best and freshest foods in the world. Baldor seeks to provide great specialty foods and logistics that give their customers an edge.