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Ignacio Barrios Urban Kitchen


Hands-On @ De Gustibus

Wednesday, April 26
6:00 - 9:00 PM
$150 per person


Hands-On @ De Gustibus

Ignacio Barrios, Chef/Owner of Urban Kitchen, a renowned cooking school in Lima, Peru, earned his chops under Gordon Ramsey and Gaston Acurio at Astrid y Gastón, also in Lima. Ignacio returns to masterfully teach us how to prepare authentic Peruvian cuisine that is flavorful and utilizes ingredients that are accessible to the home cook.  Learn why Eric Asimov of The New York Times described Peruvian cuisine as one of the world’s most innovative.



Classic ceviche: raw fish marinated in tiger’s milk and served with red onions, cilantro and chili.

Fish and octopus tiradito with rocoto sauce: sliced raw fish marinated in a rocoto (spicy pepper) tiger’s milk. Served with fried corn and avocado.

Causa: mashed potato with yellow chili paste, topped with avocado, shrimp and huancaina sauce.

Adobo with sweet potatoes: pork stewed in panca peppers, cumin, garlic and chicha de jora (peruvian corn beer).

Alfajores: sweet cookie dough baked and served with dulce de leche.