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Book a Chef Series

Every season we offer the opportunity to book series of classes organized around specific themes. Classes fill up quickly, so book your series now to benefit from more favorable pricing! Can’t make every date in the series? Call us at 212-239-1652 to discuss options. Or, book individual classes here.

Behind the Scenes: On Location, Hands-On Cooking $250 PER CLASS
Christopher Albrecht - Ryland Inn Saturday, May 20,2017 (Read More)
Nicole Gajadhar - Saxon + Parole Saturday, June 3,2017 (Read More)

Exotic Food Destinations: Persia, Argentina and Peru $100 PER CLASS
Erik Ramirez - Llama Inn Monday, June 5,2017 (Read More)

Grand Finale: Family Forever $115 PER CLASS
Marc Forgione & Larry Forgione - Marc Forgione Thursday, June 8,2017 (Read More)

Journeying Through Italy $100 PER CLASS
Nick Anderer & Katie Parla - Maialino and Author of Tasting Rome Wednesday, May 31,2017 (Read More)

Singular Sensations $115 PER CLASS
Daniel Rose - Le Cou Cou Tuesday, June 6,2017 (Read More)

Specifically Seafood $100 PER CLASS
Justin Wills - Restaurant Beck Monday, May 22,2017 (Read More)

Spring Ingredients Have Sprung $100 PER CLASS
Mike Price - Market Table Thursday, June 1,2017 (Read More)

The Executive Chefs of Daniel and Jean-Georges $115 PER CLASS
Cédric Vongerichten - Perry Street Wednesday, June 7,2017 (Read More)